I'm Allergic to Neoprene--Non-Neoprene Horse Boots?

I am allergic to Neoprene and this allergy has gotten worse every year. First just itching when I touched it, then my skin would look like I rolled around in a poison ivy patch when it touched my skin for a while, now whenever I am near Neoprene I start itching. It is also affecting my mood when I ride a horse who wears anything with Neoprene in it.

I am trying to find protective horse boots without Neoprene. I am too handicapped to safely wrap the horses’ legs with bandages as I cannot move out of the way quickly when I am squatting down if the horse starts moving. I ride horses in their late twenties and they appreciate the extra warmth and support.

I need exercise/galloping boots and pastern wraps with NO NEOPRENE. Can the COTH hive mind help me here?

Thank you all!

Check out Majyk Equipe, I just did a google a really quick search and they had leather, neoprene free boots. Would those be something that would work?


Thank you @cayuse, I’ll have to start saving up my money.

I gave up on finding horse boots with the Far Infra-red technology (older horses like this) without the Neoprene. I do have some F.I.R. wraps I can use under them (Fenwick).

What about Professional Choice 2X Cool SMB? Are they neoprene free?


What about these? https://www.sstack.com/lux-ceramic-therapy-sport-boots/p/37839/

I have shires air motion brushing boots and i don’t think they have neoprene. They are more durable than i expected too.

I use Arma Air Motion brushing boots:
I got them because they breathe better than neoprene boots. You can see through them if you hold them up to a light. They are layers of mesh, economical, easy to clean and hold up well!

Yes they are!

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I’m pretty sure Equifit is neoprene free, their MultiTeq boots would work well as brushing/dressage boots if that’s what you’re looking for

Thinline makes boots and pastern wraps that are neoprene-free:





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Thank you all!

Since I have to get gear for two stables (the ladies appreciate me not bringing stuff between the stables) I have financial limitations.

Perusing the ThinLine site I found clearance boots I can both use and afford, the ThinLine Open Front Ankle Boot. Since these boots are partially for keeping my Incrediwear Hoof Socks from moving down I probably have bought the solution to my problems of the Hoof Socks from gradually sagging downwards on the horses’ legs. Luckily for me the Hoof Socks have some stretch in them so I have a choice of covering the pastern or partially covering the bottom of the knees, depending on which horse needs for its highest comfort, and now the socks will STAY IN PLACE!

The wonderful lesson horses I ride will also probably be sending you their thanks.

It seems like Neoprene has taken over the world. I sure wish I was not so allergic to it!

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