I'm in love....

With the new Stubben monoflap. Just sat in one last weekend…

Zaria Optimum. Yum! :love-struck::love-struck:

I wanna try one…says the person who has never liked a stubben. I hear they are much improved.

They look awesome. I also haven’t liked a Stubben.

My trainer just got one of the first ones built (she is sponsored by Stubben). It’s pretty cool looking. She loved her Excalibur but she REALLY loves this one. I don’t even want to try it, because I recently bought an Excalibur!

I am not at all a Stubben fan. However, this was awesome! Seriously!

I love my Devoucoux but this could definitely win me over… Wonderful balance, leather, and options galore.

Let me know when you’d like to sit in it again! We are very proud of the Optimum, I’ll be taking it to several upcoming HT’s in Area II