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I'm thinking about starting an UGLY yearling contest

WOW. My almost-yearling is UGLY. I hadn’t seen her since the last farrier trip and was out for the farrier last weekend (she is boarded a ways away right now). Some is cosmetic: due to winter yak hair and the neverending supply of fresh mud this time of year. However, she is also butt high and her neck has entirely disappeared. The only thing that keeps me from despair is her half-brother (same dam) who is a pasture over. I wouldn’t mind buying him and admitting ownership. He is a year older and quite lovely. But I digress…

Anyway, I think we should have an Ugliest Yearling Contest (because I WILL win) but I’m not sure what the prize could be…

[If you expected a serious thread, then I’m sorry to disappoint you ;)]

I can’t believe I thought I was going to show her in-hand in a couple months. I want to hide her behind a shed when people I know are going out to visit that farm.

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I’ll play. This is my yearling Connemara/TB filly.

Love her to death, and she’s going to be a very nice mare once she grows up. But now? In a funky growing pattern with a super fuzzy winter coat? Not the most attractive kid.

I think my yearling is looking better these days but last fall he had an ugly late weanling stage where for a couple of months I was wondering WTF I was thinking when I bought him. That floppy neck, super high-assed, hay belly lost orphan look, ugh. Gone now, and I don’t notice any of it when he moves so that’s something! Hang in there!

I will get some pictures tomorrow. The mud should be extra horrid, as we are finally warming up again today.

I think I will beat you, btw, Jasmine. I can tell your yearling is a horse. Mine might be a goat.

These threads scare me!

LMAO!! I can’t wait to see goat-horse!

Jasmine, yours isn’t soooo bad! But no, not the most attractive thing :lol: I think she would look loads better in a nice, stretched out stance though :smiley:

Not a whole lot, JB. :wink:

Though I do love her “You KNOW you love me” face.

The salt in the wound is that one of L’s pasturemates is a ridiculously flashy (ET) dressage filly, blood-bay, with chrome to boot, sleek–much less winter coat, and although she is a month older than mine, looks more like the two year old’s a fence over.

Thank goodness there are three in there, and the third is more like mine.

And no, I will not post a picture of the pretty one or say another word about her. This is about ugly yearlings. All of those with gorgeous ones can’t play here. (Although posters with “formerly” ugly yearlings are welcome to post encouraging pictures for those of us currently questioning our choices).

Jasmine, that last picture is borderline qualifying…I wouldn’t call her ugly in that one.

Ugh try having Spanish horses, they take the cake on being Ugly Ducklings. Most Spanish breeders hide them outback of the barn from 12 months to 36 months! lols

Ha! Try having little itty bitty cutting horses in colored hides, butt high, scrawny necks, manes to their shoulders (they can grow hair!) and yak coats that someone took a crochet hook to and pulled out clumps! People are sure they are stunted (especially here in roping/ranch horse country where if it isn’t 16 hands, 1300 pounds and 2 axhandles wide it isn’t a horse!)…we tend to hide these in a back field for a year…but here, with no trees, even the back fields are visible. Ugh!!

Mine is hidden under a large blanket out behind the barn.
She is H-I-D-E-O-U-S! Hairy-long-legged-butt-high-long-scarecrow-necked…SigH She was such a pretty foal too.:frowning:

ETA-She’s also multiple shades of brown/purple\grey.

You totally cracked me up!

My former beauty queen foal (photo attached) is going through the most awkward stage! I planned to show her this year, but in a fit of “OMG, what is going ON with that funky stage???” just threw her out in the pasture! There’s tons of lush green grass down there. Maybe THAT will fix her. LOL


love this thread! i think Connemaras can go thru some really funky stages :slight_smile:

mine, while he is going on 3, is still ugly one day an presentable the next… some days i think “what was i thinking???” and others where i can see what he will (hopefully) become…

i am looking forward to more ugly pics!

At least yours is a nice color rideagoldenpony! Mine’s going grey. I’m dreading the shed out, 37 different color look. LOL

Jasmine, who’s your baby daddy?

ArdCeltic Art. Donna was superb to work with.

Oh heavens, that’s my baby daddy, too. No offense, because I’m sure your foal is delightful, but I hope my Conn/TB doesn’t go through such an unattractive stage! :lol:

the cool thing about Art, is that you can tell they are his… they all have “that” head and “that” rear end :slight_smile:

i am considering him for my WB mare… so i cant wait to see how his kids grow up!

No offense taken Amastrike. :slight_smile: I love my filly, fugly as she is. She’s got stellar movement, and a top-notch personality. I’ve had a couple 6-8 year old students show her in weanling classes at open shows just to get her out. She’s done amazingly well; takes everything in stride and walks off a trailer like she owns the joint. And while she’s technically for sale, she’s priced ridiculously high. I don’t really want to sell her. :wink:

Most of mine look okay, but I have one truly ugly duckling~ She is as sweet as can be, but looking so hideous I can’t post pics of her!!! I would be WAAAAY to embarrassed to have anyone know what she looks like right now! LOL Eek!