Immune compromised booster? Cross post

So I’m immune compromised and was signed up for my Covid booster. A day before getting it I had an flare up and cancelled.

So my dr have all had different ideas some wait and some no it’s fine. All saying it’s up to me. So I’ve waited and now on way to being better but still exhausted and not 100%.

Would love to hear what others who are immune compromised have heard or experienced in regards to getting the booster when struggling… TIA!

So, I’ve heard mixed thoughts depending on the type and cause of immune compromise. I have had some friends who have more significant, not well controlled autoimmune issues (like lupus, RA, MS) have a flare up after the booster. They also have had a less protective response to the shot if they had to take steroids to control the immune flare while getting the booster.

In my case, I am immune deficient (low/no antibodies, low t cells, and some GI autoimmune dysfunction mixed in for good measure). Most of us in that category were able to get boosters without any significant flare or complication. My GI has been flaring for weeks and that was before a booster, so the booster didn’t really affect my flare up.

Personally, I am never 100% and if I waited for that day, I would never get a booster…so I just did it when I knew my schedule was a bit less crazy, so that I could have a week or 2 if I needed extra time to recover. My second shot was actually worse than the 3rd shot…I had a few punky days, but nothing major. Honestly, I was more worried about getting the booster to try and get what little protection I could…I’m use to dealing with my crappy feeling body on a daily basis! But that’s just my personal perspective…and I know that things like vaccines are not going to trigger more of a flare for me. If you know that vaccines usually do cause a worse flare, then I could see a different approach.

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I have MS and I am on an immune supressant drug.

When I got my Moderna booster today (my third shot) the nurse used a higher dosage of the Moderna than is used for immune normal people.

I’m still wearing my masks when I go out, I just do not trust other people about the Covid-19 pandemic (conservative area in a purple tinged state.)


I have chronic Lyme that has been somewhat under control for a while, so I am probably not as far on the immunocompromised spectrum as you. I have not gotten my “booster” yet because I got my “third dose for immunocompromised people” at the end of August. I read some CDC guidance the other day on boosters for immunocompromised people: They seem to be saying that if you got your three-shot primary series you can wait 6 months for the booster, which for me would be in February.

FWIW I had a milder reaction to my third dose than the second dose (sore arm, mild fever, flu-like feeling the next day, and very swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my neck). I’ve never had vaccine reactions before at all other than a sore arm after the flu vaccine.

I have CLL and got my third shot in mid August as soon as it was available.


Just curious, have you had your antibodies tested at any point in this process? I read an article recently somewhere and they were talking about someone who had zero antibodies after the first three doses and finally started showing an immune response after the 4th.

In my case, my doc test me after shot 2 and shot 3. She tested because I have the immune deficiency and we know I normally only respond to about 50% of other vaccines.

They did the IgA for the RBD spike protein and the IgG for the RBD spike. The IgA was essentially negative/no response (0.0005 when a positive result was >0.8). The IgG was 1.69 after shot 2, and only went to 1.79 after shot 3. So partially protected but very little change after dose 3. They don’t know what number is actually protective yet.

The only good thing for me is I do IgG (plasma - antibody) infusions…recently my lots are June 2024 expiration, meaning they were donated/processed June 2021. So, I went for a standard antibody test and was high (YAY!!!)…which means that there are Covid antibodies in the plasma supply (from the donors), so I am getting them from my infusions. So while I am still being careful, at least I don’t feel quite as vulnerable as I did before.


Thanks for sharing your experience, hope you continue to get protected regardless of the source of the antibodies

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