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Impact of Yellowstone on the Equine Industry?

Hello everyone!

I am conducting an academic research study on the impact of Film and TV on the tourism and recreation sectors with a specific focus on the popular hit series Yellowstone’s impact on the equine industry.

I am seeking to collect insights and thoughts from individuals like you, who are involved in the equine sector and/or enjoy equine-related activities.

I have created the following survey and would greatly appreciate your input! It will take approximately 5-10 minutes and will ask you questions regarding your involvement in the equine industry and your perceptions related to the show Yellowstone. Your responses are completely anonymous and will only be used for academic research purposes.

The survey can be accessed at this link: https://forms.gle/U11rWPrUSMYEg7ep6

Thank you for your participation! Your responses are an invaluable contribution to this research and your involvement is greatly appreciated.

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Hmm. I have never watched the show but I cannot imagine it has any influence whatsoever on the dominant forms of riding in my area, which are dressage and show jumping.

You might want to poll dude ranches in Montana and see if they got more business last summer.

Also.some of your questions are phrases so that it’s impossible to reply


Maybe a better film would have been Unbranded as one of its goals was to promote the use of Mustangs. We attended one of its premiers which had one of the Mustangs used in the ride on center stage before the showing then afterwards in a special corral where attendees could actually get next to the horse.


I wrote that in the text boxes below the weird ones. Hard to answer “how much has this affected you” with an agree or disagree.

I think we probably have another MIA OP, but the western forum would be a better spot, if anything on COTH. This one seems aimed at newbies or casual horse enjoyers to see if the show sparked an interest they acted upon (aka, not the usual COTH scene). But maybe they needed some involved horsepeople for data spread

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Well, I’m a native MT that works in real estate and has always had horses. I could write a book… I feel targeted by this post. lol I’ll check out the survey… least I can do. It’s definitely had an impact IMO, as did River Runs Through It and many more films/books.


That’s interesting! I’ve seen 0 impact really, but I’m H/J and east coast…

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What struck me about the series was featuring actual champion horses, reining and otherwise, showing them in action, and describing their show and other activity, plus featuring the amount of money earned showing and in rodeo. I’ll bet that made some folks sit up and take notice.

No, a series like that wouldn’t make me more interested in horses and doing horsey activities (as if such a thing were possible!), but the show did showcase very many different horse activities and making money with them, like one character making his living as a horse trainer with only one horse and a corral in front of his house.


Absolutely have seen it and spoken to newcomers about it.
We call in the “Yellowstone Effect” in the NRCHA & NCHA space.


saw this “A man’s love for the show Yellowstone led to him wanting to learn to ride horses”

but he takes the horse to bars

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I think you really need to focus in on the right demographic of horse people. I personally have seen zero influence in the hunter/jumper world and can’t imagine there would be any relationship. This may greatly skew your study, particularly because you group competitive riding and types of riding into large categories. So someone who shows roping or ranching horses might see a huge influence, but if you only have a few people in that world respond and 50 hunter riders respond, that is going to give you inaccurate information.


I think the rise of auction horses you see on websites, IE Dreamhorse. Has everything to do with the Yellowstone lifestyle. Most are western and look to be very amateur friendly.

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in the early 90’s the movie City Slickers came out - at the time I worked at a trail riding barn and we certainly had a increase in business (with everyone singing the song from it). Heartland certainly helped get a lot of girls interested in horses so don’t see why Yellowstone wouldn’t do the same.