Importing a stallion from Europe

I’m looking at an approved stallion from Europe. I’m familiar with cem quarantine for stallions, but am curious about the live cover. I have heard a couple of people say that the stallion they received was much more difficult after performing live cover for import than before. True or old wive’s tale? Any other things to be aware of? I do have a quarantine place where he can be ridden.

Partly true. My trainer has brought a fair number over, and has only had one that seemed a fair bit studdier after the experience. There are stories out there about stallions that had a bad experience - Ravel, Steffen’s ultimate Olympic mount was one I believe.

Yes bad things have happened but Ravel was positive for CEM and that had nothing to do with the UCD Quarantine. Not going through at least another month to treat and treat was a choice, that is why he was gelded.

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Really depends on the stallion and who you are working with to import and the quarantine facility. My guy came through fine but I did quarantine him very near my trainer who could go over there regularly and ride him or work with him. The facility was small which helps keep things calm. My stallion is pretty mellow and was used to be collected regularly which helps.

He was also a handful correct.