Importing Curly Mini from France

So I’ve searched the internet high and low and have yet to find a really educational article on importing a Mini. I am betting due to their small size that there are some special considerations? The Mini I want to import is in France, and would be arriving at the NY entry point here in the U.S. He’s under a year old–will be about 5 months old when shipped–so he should just need 3 days of quarantine as a gelding.

I’ve never imported a horse before, and wouldn’t have really thought to do so now, but I am, as ever, still allergic to horses (hence the need for a Curly) and I am wanting a mini that can be used as a therapy horse in nursing homes and hospitals. All the Curly mini breeders here in the U.S. stopped breeding a few years ago, and aren’t starting up again until next year. :frowning:

So here I am! Researching how to import a (Curly) mini! Any advice on how to locate a good quarantine facility, how best to ship him, etc. would be appreciated!

For all horses and the mandatory 3 days quarantine - one does not get a choice in quarantine facility. He will have to quarantine for the 3 days at the USDA quarantine facility in Newburgh NY or Miami or LAX (depending on your airport of entry). I suggest you call Tim Dutta ( You may get foal pricing,which is a tiny bit cheaper than full grown for the shipment/air freight. But the cost of the container is the cost - and it is divided by the number of equines they can fit into it. Dutta may they be able to arrange for him to fly with other foals at the same time and lower the cost a litt.e. There is no reduction in fees the USDA charges for the quarantine for a foal.

You will be facing about 6-8K in import costs to NY-just a warning.