Importing from Spain

Can any of you recommend any good agents/contacts in Spain?

I used Sofie from Andalusitano.

She was fantastic! Picked me up at the train station in Malaga and drove me around looking at lots of horses. When I chose my mare, all I had to do was give the transport company her number and she did the rest.

She doesn’t openly advertise horses much anymore, so best to send her a message on Facebook or her WhatsApp.

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Meredith Crawford has brought over some nice horses from Spain recently. She is an FEI rider and judge who is based in the San Fransisco area. If I wanted a horse from Spain she is who I would contact.

I believe multiple horses in Tucson came through her. Everyone has raved that I have seen, and they’re lovely horses.

We regularly import from Spain and have some horses of our own over there. Feel free to message me. At the very least, I can tell you who to avoid and talk about the common pitfalls.

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I imported a horse about 18 months ago from Spain, and it turned into a nightmare. Person I worked with was known to a number of people in my area and and seemed to have a good reputation. In the end something went wrong around the time the horse was gelded and not long after his arrival in US he had to be put down. The seller lied to me about a number of things along the way, and I believe said person knew there was a potential issue but did not tell me. The promises of “wanting me to be happy”, “will help with the costs”, various contractual commitments all went out the window. From a legal perspective it is extremely difficult to fight a battle with someone in a foreign country. I did have an attorney and a pretty good case for breach of contract had this occurred in the US. So just go in with eyes wide open - mostly things should go well, but there are no guarantees…

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My friend and I just came back from horse shopping in Spain last week. We worked with 3 different people in Spain who we directly contacted before the trip - 2 agents and 1 direct seller (that runs Epona, which is a super place for a dressage-focused holiday) who also assists with sourcing other horses for sale in the area too. All 3 provided horses that truly met the criteria we gave them. We ended up buying from the direct seller and everything has gone very smoothly so far. The horse will arrive in the US in a couple of weeks, so I can’t report on how that part has gone yet! If you are shopping in the south of Spain, feel free to message me.


This is so sad. I’m very sorry for your having had to go through it.

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Funny story…

Spain has more unfinished houses than any country in the world. There are vast, half-built neighborhoods that were abandoned after the market crashed in 2008.

Years ago a friend went to look at horses in Spain and arrived at the “barn” which was actually a giganatic suburban home in one of those abandoned neighborhood. The man was keeping his horses inside the house, with a horse or two in each bedroom. Needless to say, she did not buy a horse from him.

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I have brought over a few horses from Spain and have spent a number of weeks travelling around looking at horses. I will say the training and horsemanship in the vast majority of barns/breeders is really poor and if you buy something over the age of 3 it most likely will be ruined. I really could only recommend one place in Barcelona that is absolutely fantastic, though there may be more. Have had contact with most of the “brokers” and most of them have no clue what they are looking at or representing. I would be very careful.

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Yikes - sorry to read that! We were in the south of Spain and this was definitely not our experience. We were looking at horses in the 6-10 yo range and none were what I would call “ruined” and the 2 brokers we worked with were very knowledgeable about the horses they were representing and were very helpful in presenting the “pros and cons” on the various horses and refining which horses they recommended we try based on our feedback from the first few.