Importing Horses From Ireland

Does anyone know if you can now ship directly from IRE to NY? Had heard that the direct flights from Shannon to NY had resumed but cannot find out more than that. Also does Fed Ex ship anymore? Know they once did and again had heard that they had stopped but started again. And as to prices, the best I’ve heard of is about 10K + quarantine of 3.5K. Anyone know of any better? Thanks

I just imported a horse from Ireland. Shoot me a PM and we can chat! I was really really happy with the whole process and paid way less than 13k

You may have already figured this out because I am 10 days late… but mine flew out of Liege, Belgium and it wasn’t an option for him to fly directly from Ireland. I paid ~6,000 to get him Stateside and then ~3,400 for his quarantine here

This blogger I follow recently imported a horse and you may find some useful info in the related posts…

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Late to the party here! Thank you to those who posted some really good information. Question: for those who imported from Ireland, where did you find your horse?