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Importing IRE to Maryland USA

I am curious if I cant get a clearer answer or advice from this forum.

I’m looking to import a gelding from Galway Ireland to Baltimore Maryland USA. I am hearing fees ranging from 8,000-10,000 USD to import currently. Is that accurate? Is it higher?

Any advice on what could be expected is appreciated.

If you are on FB, the North American Irish Draught groups can help answer these questions.

Keep in mind any previous quotes more then a week old do not reflect the cost of fuel today or in the near future. Thats for van rides and the jet fuel.


Historically I’d think that’s the right ballpark but the best thing to do given current conditions is contact multiple shippers for quotes. Some of them have forms you can fill out on their website and they’ll email you a quote. Dutta is a big name and has routes from Ireland and the UK so I’d start there.

FWIW, I got multiple quotes when I flew my new horse over from Germany to JFK in December and there wasn’t much variation between them. Flights and quarantine basically cost what they cost. Choosing one comes down to who you feel comfortable working with and what they can offer you in ground transport on either end.


Can I ask who you used and what you paid?

I paid 10k US from Ireland to JFK…. Then - few years later spent 8500 CDN (approx 6500 US) from the same country. First company was Dutta, second was Doyle Bloodstock.
I’m going to guess it’s about 10-12 for a gelding now with the increase in fees/fuel etc.

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Just a note that you can’t import direct to Baltimore. You will have to import to JFK.

I always use GKlatte (who is Dutta’s partner on the German side, anyway) but I am coming through Liege, usually, not Ireland. Doyle may well be a good choice if the horse is originating in Ireland. I’d assume minimum $10k with fuel surcharges being what they are right now.


I used Global Horse Transport and paid $9,050 including both European and US ground transport (JFK to Maryland).

I was initially booked with Klatte actually but they sent me a terse email saying they couldn’t ship the horse until mid-January, after we had agreed on an early December ship date weeks before. It ended up being an error on their end but after I had spent a day calling other shippers I was annoyed and went with Global because the owner (Wayne) was a much better communicator and could facilitate transport on the US end as well as in Germany. The afternoon my boy’s flight arrived he texted me a photo of him safe and sound in his stall at the Arc. It was also nice to be able to pay in US dollars.

FWIW my friend had Klatte cancel on her at the last minute once so she now uses and recommends EquiJet.

Here are all the quotes I got (slightly confusing because they all include/exclude different things), with the Euro --> dollar conversions as of late Nov:

Global Horse Transport
Barn --> Liege --> NY --> home
$200 import permit
$5,000 air + European ground transport
$3,250 ARK quarantine
$600 US ground transport (ARK to MD)
Total $9,050 door-to-door

Barn --> Liege --> NY
€625 for lab/customs/US health papers (not including vet fee)
€585 European ground transport from
€3,700 air
$3,260 Newburgh quarantine, import permit
Total $8,800 + vet fees + US ground transport

Liege --> NY
€800 for vet/customs
€3,700 air
$3,425 ARK quarantine, import permit, clearance fee
Total $8,505 + European ground transport + US ground transport

Barn --> Liege -> NY
€575 health papers and blood work
€450 European ground transport
€3750 air
$3150 ARK quarantine
$ .03464% customs processing fee ($554)
Total $8,570 plus customs fee + US ground transport


You also have to factor the exchange rate as well… Whoever you’re getting the horse from may have a lot of experience shipping horses to the US so check w/ them. When I imported my horse the seller often got a better rate if he was shipping multiple horses to USA. Not sure if that still the case. Also costs can depend if horse is gelding, mare or stud, as mares and studs will have additional quarantine time. The other thing is to have a buffer in case there is an issue with the horse needing to remain in quarantine longer due to some positive testing. There was a nightmare scenario posted here awhile ago. that was probably an extreme case, but i had a friend who’s horse was kept about 3 weeks.

and congratulations on importing a nice Irish horse.

Seems about right. I imported one from Ireland to JFK about a year ago and paid around $8,700. I’ve since imported four more from elsewhere in Europe and surprisingly, my most recent import, two weeks ago, was the cheapest even with fuel costs - he was a hair over $8,300 door to door. (Whereas when flights were super backed up around Christmas, I paid nearly $11k each.)