In-hand work for Bernie Traurig Clinic?


This is my first post on here so hopefully I am doing this right!!

I am planning on trying for a clinic with Bernie Traurig that will take place at Equine Affaire this year. I have to submit a video of my horse and I and it says that Bernie would like to see the horse working in hand as well as jumping courses and such. What kind of in-hand work do you think he would be looking for? Just lunging?

The clinic is a 2 part clinic with the first day flatwork for hunters and the second day jumping courses, so I am a bit confused about the in-hand work. Thanks in advance!

How I would interpret “in-hand” would be to similar to the in-hand hunter breeding classes. So perhaps include a short clip of you leading your horse at the walk, trot, and standing for presentation.

If you don’t get your answer I would throw in some lunge work in the video to be safe :wink:

I was planning to apply for that clinic as well (the hunter one). Frankly, I interpretted the “in-hand” comment as a cut/paste error and interpretted that to mean a video of the horse being worked. I plan to use a short video clip of schooling a simple 2’9-3’ course at home. I also may include a short flat session, with some demonstrated changes of direction/bend and transitions within the gaits so he can evaluate my flatwork/foundation. I can’t imagine how a video of my gelding trotting in hand or lunging will help BT choose participants for a 3’ hunter or 3’6 jumper session.

I feel the same way!

Thank you to you both. I think I might put a little bit of trotting in-hand just to be on the safe side, but the rest will be flat work and jumping.