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In search of a very special halter...

One of the ladies I rides with has a beautiful round braided leather halter made by Horseware. Brown, cob sized, includes lead rope. She’s had it for eight years and abused it regularly.

Although it’s still in wonderful shape after these eight years, she’s desperate to find another but has been unsuccessful. Anyone have some magical finding skills to help me find this halter? Used is likely fine, although new would be amazing. Mostly just need GOOD condition.

This is the halter, unfortunately this is the best picture I can find right now. http://i62.tinypic.com/ok5q4k.jpg

Thanks in advance!


Sent them an email, and the halter is no longer carried. Huge bummer.

I actually HAVE one of these in a red brown and the lead too, though the lead has had the chain unstitched to use on another horse.The halter is too small for my WB so the whole thing is as new except for the stitching on the lead. I guess as i’m in Spain the post might be too high though? Depends how keen you are to get it, good luck finding one locally, and this one is available if you absolutely MST have one and it’s the only one in the world you can find :slight_smile:

I’m searching for this for a friend, and she’s said she’s happy to pay a nice chunk of money to find another. Could we exchange contact info?

Maybe Quillin’s could make her one.

Here is one for sale on ebay.co.uk

Don’t know where you are located or how much shipping would be.

This one is not the same brand, but similar style.

I saw the one on eBay, but unfortunately need a cob size. :frowning:


According to other sites yearling size will fit cobbs Pinkstons has rolled nose halters in every size.

This brand is generally nice stuff, and the website is reliable. If you’re ok to import that is.