IN SEARCH OF: boarding barn in Collingwood, ON

Hi there,

I am searching for a good, reputable barn in/around the Collingwood, Ontario area. Need a stable that offers outdoor board. Not too picky on the discipline, but looking for a smallish, quiet barn with low-key boarders and a great reputation for quality care. Must have an indoor arena. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I looked at buying a horse that was located at this facility and know the dressage coach is good. The owners and staff were very personable and professional to deal with. Lovely facility -

Collingwood is a small horse community, everyone knows everyone, and most people get along.

Try contacting Christine Martin at Greystone Farms, I’m not 100% sure if her new facility offers outdoor board but she does have a new gorgeous indoor (h/j barn). If she doesn’t offer outdoor board she would know who does.
You can also try going to the Georgian Bay Trillium website or facebook page, you might be able to find some other barns through there, or contact Dapple Gray or the Tack Shoppe of Collingwood for their suggestions.

My goodness, that makes me want to move to Collingwood…

I don’t know the dressage trainer, but the other two are pretty good as well!!

Beverly Harvey Clarke has a facility just outside Collingwood, might be a Wasaga Beach number. She does outdoor board, has a nice but smaller arena. It is not a large facility, but she has great clients and it seems to be a fairly drama free spot. She has students showing at schooling shows, trillium and A.

Alpine is a large facility, so not sure if it would be what you are looking for and I don’t recall seeing horses outside all the time, so may not do outdoor board.

Candice Rainey at Signature Equestrian may do outdoor boarding. I know that she keeps a number of her own horses outside. There is no in house coach, but there is a lovely large coverall arena. Those in the area would know it as the old Greystone location.

Beverly Harvey Clarke is quite lovely. I’ve seen her at a lot of Trillium shows and she has some really nice horses. If I lived in the area, I would definitely check her out.