Incentives with custom saddle orders?

Okay, this may be an unpopular topic for some, but I’m just curious what people’s experiences are in either negotiating on price or having items thrown in as incentives with a custom saddle order? In the past I have not had luck negotiating on price with any of the three saddles I’ve ordered from various manufacturers. I’ve received a cover and high end stirrups, but I have friends who have received a high end girth and leathers from CWD as well as negotiated successfully on price with Devoucoux. Anyone else willing to share their experiences?

I got nothing, I bought my custom CWD back in the days when no one had ever heard of them. It never occurred to me that I should negotiate for fittings or other extras, but my saddle was perfect so I can’t complain. After hearing of all the complaints about poorly fitting custom saddles, I would never buy custom again.

I’ve always heard of CWD throwing in things like leathers, girths, or even a bridle. Voltaire pretty much just gives people a hat, lol.

Stubben sent me about $40 worth of their leather care products - Hamanol conditioner & saddle soap. Full-sized & unsolicited.
Semi-custom saddle came with a nice quality cloth cover.
The $150 I paid for their rep to measure & bring demos was taken off purchase price.

Never occured to me to ask for freebies {shrug}

I got a bridle with my Deavoucoux. It was supposed to be a girth but I prefer sheepskin so asked if I could swap it to a bridle and that was fine

Just to clarify - I never asked for anything, they offered. I also got the full cleaning and conditioning kit with it.

I got a custom Jeffries last year, which didn’t come with anything extra other than a cover, but for a price of only around $1400 for a custom, I didn’t complain! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the price was the same if you bought a stock size or had one made to your tracings.


I’ve heard/seen Devoucoux and CWD give out an extra piece of tack + a cleaner. Obviously a cover.

My Black Country came with no extra perks, not even saddle soap. But honestly the quality of the saddle fitting made up for that, never had a better saddle fitter. Patti Merli is awesome. I can buy soap. I know it varies by region but not all saddle fitters are created equal. Also it wasn’t 6k :lol:

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The French companies can afford to give away freebies because the price of their saddles are so outrageously inflated. When you consider the craftsmanship that the English and German companies put into their products, and that their prices are typically significantly lower, I’m sure their profit margins are much tighter. So less gifts.

And for what it’s worth, I’ve heard of a lot of people successfully negotiating a discount on Devoucoux saddles because they stabled next to a sponsored trainer once (or something similarly vague). If you act like you know someone important, it sounds like talking the price down isn’t that difficult.

I got a free saddle pad w/ my Custom dressage saddle, and I think there was a repeat customer discount of $250 and a very fair trade in. I was pleased with the deal.

I’ve never ordered a really pricey one but the Passier I bought last fall came with Lederbalsam and that made my day! Love the stuff. I did do an inexpensive custom saddle from England and he threw in leathers.

My Voltaire came with girth/leathers/conditioner/soap/cover.

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I bought a Kentaur and was given a trainer discount. I did not ask for it, but was offered it. It also came with a cover, but I think that’s pretty standard,

CWD purchase in 2016- I received free leathers and a cleaner-conditioner package. I also got a discount on a girth, around 50% off. The saddle came with a cover.

See, now the discount and trade-in are real incentives to stay with the brand.

But if it’s a random small gift after purchase, its not really an incentive in the sense that it’s inciting you to buy that saddle. It’s more customer appreciation or something.

I mean you’d never make a decision on a $7000 saddle based on a free girth or leathers.