Incorrect/illegal use of stud suffix “z” Zangersheide


A person can name a horse whatever they want., especially if the horse isn’t even the same breed or in the same studbook. Some registries, i.e. Welsh Pony, Morgan, etc. have registered prefixes or suffixes within the registry. Only the registered owner of the prefix/suffix can use it when registering a horse in that particular registry. As far as I understand, the warmblood registries do not have registerable prefixes/suffixes and there are no copyrights associated with them.

At the end of the day, there are probably more important things to worry about and I am guessing people who are familiar with Zangersheide will not mistake a little OTTB as a Z bred horse…and even if they do, it’s not your problem. :wink:


Daventry, that has to be a time record for post one poofing


The opening post went poof bc this doesn’t make any sense. How can you ‘register’ an OTTB? By the definition of the acronym OTTB the animal in question is already registered as a TB in order to race. So where are they going ‘to register’ this horse and add a Z? And said horse is most often a gelding …… moot indeed :wink: If it’s a mare and they’re going for breeding approvals they still have to stick with the xxTB registered name.


I can’t tell if OP is jealous or if she’s a warmblood snob.

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@kirkady098 I happen to know that adding a “Z” to the end of a horses name, if it is a TB, is indeed a serious violation of the law, the RICO statutes in particular. Call the FBI. :yes:


I guess they’re talking about a show name through USEF?


I also assumed the OP was talking about registering the horse with USEF, as an OTTB would already have Jockey Club papers.



I did have that thought after I posted but hey, time escaped me to get back to do an edit. I think @skydy slam dunked it.