Independent Saddle Fitter Needed in Los Angeles, Ca. or Used Specialized Saddle neede

Hi. I’m a new horse owner of a 24 yr old paint horse gelding. He has rather high withers and the western parade saddle that came along with him is too wide and sits right on his withers causing him to be sore. I have been using a friend’s Specialized saddle, we got it adjusted to fit him perfectly with a thin pad along with it. However I can not use this saddle forever so I’ve been looking to buy my own saddle. However i am only able to spend no more than 600 dollars for a saddle and i know specialized saddles go for much more than that.
Because his high withers and narrow shoulders it’s been hard to find any other brand that fits him right. So now we’re in search of a saddle fitter in or near Los angeles so we can see if theres any other types of saddles that would fit him as well as the specialized one does. We’re located at a boarding facility in Chatsworth and would need a fitter who’s mobile. Can anyone recommend any fitters that are reasonably priced for their services?
Or anyone have or know of anyone who is looking to sell their specialized saddle for a decent price? Any help would be greatly appreciated!