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Independent saddle fitters in greater Chicagoland/'northern IL area

I’ve done quite a bit of searching but am coming up with some sparse options. I’m purchasing a new horse that my second-hand Antares very much does not fit. I’m not interested in purchasing a new or custom saddle so am trying to avoid brand reps; ultimately I want to purchase a used saddle, either through the fitter or sourced myself.

I’m hoping to find an independent saddle fitter somewhere in the northern IL area that can come out to assess my horse, and ideally have some used saddles to try. Bonus points if they may take my current saddle as a trade in! A search of threads here has sent me to a lot of defunct websites and now closed shops (RIP Barrington Saddlery).

I am considering also having an Antares rep come out (which is also sort of difficult to find information on, who that person might be) but would prefer to start with independent.


Westhill & Son. Google Kate Ballard master saddler.

Would STRONGLY recommend not using this fitter. Pm me for more details.

Did you ever find a saddle? I’m in the same position now!

I’m late to the party but I would recommend Eileen Fuller / Freedom of Motion. She’s independent and helped me find my Adam Ellis saddle for my OTTB

Would STRONGLY recommend not using this fitter. You can PM me for more details.