Indianapolis eventing barns?

Hello all! I’m looking for eventing barn boarding recommendations in Indianapolis. I’m relocating from Portland, OR in the spring and will likely land on the north side of Indy. It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve lived in Indiana and I was more into HJ back then.


(I already used the search feature, but most related posts are many years old at this point. Always a chance things have changed)

I have read many good things about Come Again Farm -
I believe they host eventer clinics and camps in the summer.

Definitely will want to hook into Come Again Farm; LAZ has 5* eventers teaching there on a regular basis, hosts superb schooling shows, LAZ is a great local trainer and it’s really good peeps. That’s the main eventing barn on the North side. Depending on where you are, On The Rail and Greystone Equestrian Center are also good options. Also, join Indiana Eventing Association, it’s a super organization. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how robust the eventing community is there; plus KHP is only 3.5 hours away. We recently moved from Indianapolis and really enjoyed the eventing scene there.

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Thank you!!

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