Indoor lessons near Philadelphia over the winter?

I half-lease an eventer but would love to ride more, especially over the winter when our ring freezes. Does anyone recommend any barns with lesson horses and an indoor within a reasonable (1hr or so, less is better but I’m realistic) distance of Philadelphia? I’m most interested in low level jumpers but am flexible. I know a lot of people go south for the winter.

Come ride with me!

If you’re at all interested in traveling to Chester County, Low Key Farm, Durango are two that jump out. More hunter than Jumper but they don’t go to Florida so there’s that.

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I would love to! I’ll email you!

Thanks, I’ll look them up! Chester county’s no problem, my half lease is out there. I do prefer going out 95 to 76 since the drive is more predictable. But that’s more of a thing on weekdays.

Maybe check with Black Horse Stables in East Norriton.

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Would check out Radnor Hunt

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