Indoor rabbit pens

Does anyone have a neat pen they built for their bunny? Our son took in a poor bunny in a dirty cage that a neighbor dumped. She had a spot in one eye that didn’t change for years. Then, it grew. The vet tried lots of medications, but nothing worked and we had to have her eye removed. Now, she’s a pirate bunny, lol. She has a great personality and is very demanding.

Our son saved up for the biggest cage he could afford and added an exercise area using NIC cubes. I think we can make a better pen for her using a dog x-pen we have, but I wanted to see if anyone else has one of these. We can’t really build anything heavy because we might be moving, but we can definitely use the x-pen and some blankets to give her a nice home that’s easy to clean. She’s litter box trained and gets a ton of toys (stacking cups are her favorites) and chew things, so I think she would do great in an x-pen type thing. The height is 40 inches, which should be tall enough. Please post pictures of your marvelous bunny enclosures, if you can.

Plus the marvelous bunnies. :grinning:

OP, your bun bun sounds like she is having the best life ever.

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I had dwarf house rabbit for several years, many years ago. Miss Ellie lived in a large X-pen in our family area where we spent lots of time. The floor in that area was solid surface. She used a litter box without fail (I used shavings). She also had a little bed area as well, IIRC. It was a great set up because we could spend a lot of time with her and she could hop (run?) around. Every morning when I got up and came into her area, she would greet me by standing on her hind legs against the pen wire and ask for a treat. She also got to play loose with cats (always under my direct supervision), and I didn’t worry about her safety as she loved chasing the cats. The cats really respected her, lol

House rabbits make wonderful pets (in appropriate settings), especially when they are not kept cooped up in a tiny cage. It sounds like your setup is great, especially as your rabbit has a “two-room” condo. :grin:


Love bunnies! My two had a pen that was homemade from chicken wire framed with lightweight wood. I was able to fence off part of a room for them this way, with wire only about knee high. They had a lot of time outside of the pen, hopping around under supervision. They liked to snuggle with my German shepherd! They lived to about 14 years.

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@paint_hunter, how did you keep Miss Ellie from the cats when you weren’t around? SO and I would love to get some buns but I’m not sure how to give them enough space without keeping them apart from the cat. He’s a pretty chill cat but I would hate for anything to happen.

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One of our cats jumps into Snowflake’s pen and they get along fine. She charges him if he’s in her way, lol!

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Wasn’t ever an issue. But, as mentioned above, I suspect if a kitty ever trespassed into her territory, it would beat a hasty retreat, lol