Inexpensive ideas for saddle stand for car/cleaning

I usually prefer to clean my dressage saddle at home but don’t have a normal stand for it. Would also like something to use in the car. I’ve seen the ones by Stubbs that look like a plastic dome, but it’s pricey. Not a fan of the PVC pipe diy ones either.

Just wondering if a covered cat litterbox would be the right height/size/shape. Does anyone have one similar to this that could vouch if it would work and is sturdy enough? Would something similar be strong enough? Right now for cleaning I use a small wooden stepstool perched on another stool or small table-----it’s not working well. The litterbox could also be taken apart for storage or store things itself.

Any other ideas??

Would something like this one, there are all kinds similar ones, work and also be easy to wheel around?

It would be sturdy, but might not be tall enough for your flaps to hang properly. It also has a small base that may make it tippy; I’d go for this Little Giant dura tote
I have one it’s very sturdy

How about this dog house?

I use a 2 step step ladder that folds up to hold my saddle at the barn. It’s just high enough that the saddle flaps don’t touch the ground. I made a small cushion on the top step for the saddle to sit on. It’s not completely stable for handling the saddle while cleaning --because the saddle is longer than the ladder is wide-- but a slightly longer piece of wood nailed on that top step, then the small cushion, might do the trick, and would still fold up to be out of the way in the car. Mine is wood, but this might do:

This? It doesn’t qualify as “inexpensive” to me, but your budget may be different:

I’ve got a Stubbs Poultry Palace Nester (a hen nest box) that is virtually identical to the Stubbs Saddle Mate Portable Saddle Carrier except it’s only open on one end. I love it. Perfect for transporting my saddle, perfect for horse shows, and just set it on a table for the perfect height for cleaning your saddle. And it’s very solid and sturdy.

I got it on Amazon and bought it instead of the Saddle Mate because it was quite a bit cheaper. Horse market mark-up at work, no doubt. I’ve just checked and they don’t seem to carry it anymore, nor could I find it at any US retailer with a quick Google search. But, I like my Poultry Palace enough that I would spring for the more expensive Saddle Mate if I needed another one.

what about plastic sawhorses? I use one for saddles in my house; you could trim the legs for use in your car to jsut the height you need


Thanks. I hadn’t thought of a stepladder or smaller sawhorse before. I love the Stubbs stand and maybe I’ll find the chicken one somewhere. But $75!!! We have a 3-step ladder that I could try for cleaning and hunt for the smaller sawhorse for the car----plus it’ll fold flat.

Doing a good cleaning and conditioning is difficult when the saddle keeps wobbling and tipping over. Just another excuse to not do it too often.

Quite by chance the almost-perfect stand was sitting in front of me. My uncle always brings a cooler to holiday meals for leftovers, and today was no exception. His 16 qt. Igloo Playmate cooler is the perfect shape and almost tall enough. (It would be just right for a shorter flapped saddle, but not quite for a dressage saddle). Built-in storage too. I just have to raise it a bit and maybe glue a tacky surface to the top, but I think it will work. His is older but the shape is pretty much the same.

I always see these dirt cheap in thrift stores; now that I want one, I’ll never find one.

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Some other folks here have mentioned using a metal mailbox for their cars… you could set it on top of a table for cleaning as well.

Playmate igloo can hold both supplies for cleaning AND a few cold drinks ! I bet you could find a random piece of styrofoam somewhere that’s just enough of a shim to lift it to the right height for a dressage saddle.

Isn’t there a saddle rack that attaches to the back seat of your car? I thought I saw it somewhere.

Apparently there is a particular Sterilite trash can that is just the right shape. It’s #2 on this list:

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I thought that was a mailbox! I saw that picture on Pinterest but never thought it was a trash can. Cheaper than the cooler, but I think it will be the same height as the cooler, which is just a few inches too short for my longer flaps. Either will work with something on the bottom to raise it.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I thought, “Oh, yay! A cheaper solution to the saddle carrier!” but you know what? No one in my area carries those #@*#& wastebaskets. Argh!

I haven’t looked yet but I’m sure I won’t find them either.

Still going to keep casually looking for a used cooler (and hopefully it doesn’t smell inside). The shape held the saddle perfectly by the gullet; it just needs to be a bit taller. Some yoga blocks underneath when cleaning should do the trick. Or I’ll just look out for a new one although I love thrift store shopping and usually find exactly what I’m looking for,.

I can’t find one either! And online looks like you have to buy a case of them. :rage:

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I wonder if those trash cans aren’t available anywhere except as you said, by the case online?

Here’s a store finder for that can:

Now they showed up when they didn’t before? Wow! Thanks!