Inexpensive vest for trail riding

I am literally asking this for a friend, well not so much a friend as a fellow boarder.
I event so I have a very pricey vest and I really don’t know much about the cheaper ones, so Hopefully someone here has some info.
The lady I am asking for has a very safe horse that she trail rides and she just wants a little extra protection.
I would think because she trail rides a vest that is long in the back bumping the saddle would be a no go.
Did a quick search and looks like Hilson has one that might work.
so please give me your suggestions!

and she just wants a little extra protection.

To me regarding a riding vest inexpensive and safety normally do not coexist … you might suggest that they purchase air ambulance insurance as if needed the cost will take your breath away… my son was in an auto accident then airlifted ten miles…cost for the flight was $21,000 (and that was in 2003)

. Enjoy peace of mind for as little as $85 a year, or $65 a year for seniors.

The reason as you are aware is a safety vest is for safety, not a fashion statement …and it must be worn correctly to be effective