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Info on Current Irish Sport Horse Breeding

I have been watching the Irish sport horse auctions in hopes of finding a nice young prospect to import. I am not interested in the traditional Irish bred horses (ID x TB) but more the European breeding with maybe some ID back in the pedigree. I don’t know much about the temperament of the sires that are more commonly seen at the Monart and Goresbridge sales though. Is anyone familiar with stallions such as HHS Cornet, Sligo Candy Boy, I’m Special de Muze, OBOS Quality 004, Vivant van de Heffinck, Dignified Van’t Zorgvlet, Future Trend, or the Cavalier Royal line?

I am looking for a show jumping or eventing prospect that not only is a nice mover and has a nice jump, but also has a very easy workable temperament. Does anyone know these lines? Has anyone bought from a high quality auction over there?

All very different stallions with different type, but Sligo Candy Boy and OBOS Quality have consistently sired some of my favorite horses. Not a single horse you listed in that stallion roster is poor quality. At this point I am convinced you could breed Sligo Candy Boy to a donkey and get a nice type. He crosses incredibly on a traditional Irish type, but also does well with TBs. About every year he has one of the top selling – if not the top selling – horse at the Goresbridge Oct Catalog.

The Irish really take a shining to Sligo Candy Boy. They use him quite heavily on their traditional breds and TBs. I think the first three you mentioned are better for SJ, but Im Special de Muze and OBOS Quality are both fantastic stallions in their own right also.

I don’t have personal experience with OBOS Quality but he has been on my roster for a long time if I could find the right mare; several of my favorite UL eventers were by him.


The various Irish Stud Books are all available on line www.horsesportireland.ie. All stallions are assessed for conformation, movement and athleticism using linear profiling and the results are published, making informed comparison easy. The stallion’s studbook page will also list successful progeny, in all disciplines, and there is a rating system according to suitability for each Olympic discipline.

Temperament is especially important in all the stallions because horse sport is now so international: no one can travel and compete a horse around the world with a less than good temperament and character.

Also, British Eventing and Irish Eventing publish an annual list of the top stallions which you could look up. OBOS Quality 004, Sligo Candy Boy and Cavalier Royal usually feature. Unfortunately Quality is now deceased.

A friend purchased a three year old ID potential Heavyweight Show Hunter via an online auction, for the first time ever, two years ago. It was straightforward, the horse was just as he was described, the video of sufficient quality to see his movement, the shipping was handled by the Auctioneers. He is proving to be a very good horse, winning at top shows in his first season, with potential to become very special as he matures - he is very tall and taking a bit of time. The Irish high-end sport horse auctions seem to have learned from the TB auctions and offer quality horses. The advantage is many preselected horses to see with no travel required. Many, many good horses in Ireland sell by word of mouth or through a network of connections, which can be a problem for a person not “in the know”.


FWIW, I have a stallion by Flexible out of a Welt Hit II mare that jumped up to 1.45 M herself. I’m an amateur and started him myself, he lives at my house, he flats and trail rides in a side pull and jumps in a hackamore. He’s fun for me to show as well as a professional. He’s sound, barefoot, easy to care for. He’s a jumper with plenty of scope, huge stride, careful and brave but also I’m sure he’d be a beast on cross country. He’s been the best trail horse I’ve ever ridden - gallops through water, handles rocks, no spook at wildlife, super super surefooted, smart, agile, etc. He has the movement and jumping technique to be a hunter but prefers to go fast lol I absolutely love this horse. I’ve put children on him and given pony rides. I’m all for introducing new bloodlines to each other to get the best of both worlds.

As far as where to find and ISH x traditional WB cross, I’m not sure who’s actively breeding them, but I think they are great horses.


Does anyone know what the OBOS stands for in OBOS Quality’s name? I’ve always been curious. Tried googling but got nothing. He sure has sired a lot of good competition horses!

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@Janeway That is a question that has puzzled me for many years and I have never found the answer. OBOS Quality 04 was a European-bred Oldenburg, an interesting mix of Hann and SF bloodlines, but stood all his stallion career in Ireland. His breeder, apparently, was Paul Schockemohler. Heaven knows when and where OBOS arrived. Various stupid suggestions have been made such as O’Brian’s Obstetric Service, the result of too many days watching his offspring leaping over Eventing obstacles.