Info on this bit?

I haven’t ridden Western for many years now, but this type of bit is what I remember a lot of trail horses I knew were ridden in. I don’t know much about Western bits, so was wondering how this bit functions and whether or not it is well designed (I know this one in particular is not good quality and would change it out to something not chrome plated). Thanks!



It appears to just be a cheaply made standard grazing bit.
how will you be riding in this bit? It is made for horses that are broke to neck rein. You won’t want to ride two hands in it.
if you need to ride two handed, a better option would be a billy Allen mouth piece on short shanks. Each side of the bit moves independently so the horse isn’t confused when you direct rein.

edited to add that the shanks are also very straight which means more leverage, that combined with the long purchase will give the horse very little Pre signal. I would look for a bit with a shorter purchase and shanks that sweep back more.

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Sorry, have to disagree on this curb bit being a grazing bit. Grazing bits have the shanks swept back, L-shaped with the long side with reins aimed back towards the rider, so horse did not bend the shanks, gig himself in the mouth while grazing. Grazing bit has much less leverage than the pictured bit because shanks are slanted back so strongly.

The pictured bit is a common old style, curb bit, found on most western bridles you bought back in the past. Popular because it is cheaply made, acceptable to most horses with the low port, thicker mouthpiece, moderate leverage. As mentioned, used with neck rein trained horses, no flexibility for 2-handed rein use or training to give well to the hands.


Ditto what goodhors said.