Information on bloodlines please??

I have a 4 year old TB mare who I got off the track this fall. Her name is Nittany Valay Cat…This is the link to her pedigree. Can anybody tell me how her bloodlines are? Good, bad, any genetic problems known? Thank you

Holy Maryland-bred pedigree! It’s not often someone posts here and I can say you know both the sire and dam by name.

I’m very familiar with Cat Country. I’ve probably met at least half his foals. That’s not saying much-- I don’t believe he has many at all on the ground. He had a nice temperament and was a pretty grey color which distracted from his minor conformational flaws. :wink:

His babies I knew tended to have the Storm Cat “screw loose”-- a little melodramatic at times, but otherwise very sweet horses. I think he threw better than himself considering the small number of average-bred mares he covered.

I even found an old picture of him for you:

I had Carny Girl in my care for a short time in 2005 I think? Maybe it was 2006? I remember liking her and thinking she was cute. That’s all I’ve got for ya on that one. :lol:

No flaws or genetic problems to mention-- I’m not really sure what you’re wanting to know there. But I’d love to see a picture of your new girl! Congrats and best of luck with her!

In terms of promise for non-racing sport, I’d say that it’s quite nice. Fappiano is a line that is quite like and has done well in eventing, in large part because they have such good brains. They may not be the soundest horses or most perfectly conformed on the planet, but they have talent and wonderful minds. Carnivalay had been recognized as a good for steeplechasing and fairly reliably passes on ‘the jump’. Back in the fourth and fifth, there are some nice sport lines like Noholme and Valid Appeal and Tom Fool. The lines of Mighty Appealing top and bottom are appealing, as is Pats Mama. Young Emperor was well liked by the Hunter people back in the day. Great Lady M was a was a very good racehorse in California, and was the dam of the even better race horse, Lady’s Secret, who was the 1986 Horse of the Year.

There are some very athletic horses in her pedigree, and quite a few are VERY well proved for sport disciplines.

Hope this helps.

My upper level event mare is by Carnivalay. She has an outstanding jump and took me up to CCI2* and Advanced level. Photo Pedigree

Carnivalay is also the sire of Eclipse award winning steeplechaser Mixed Up. I’ve heard a few others have made it in the hunter/jumper world as well. Carni is a bit scarce outside of MD pedigrees, but I’m always interested to find him on the page.

Thank you all very much for the insight! Here is a picture from this fall, she was 3 then and had only been off the track for two months.
I am currently training her for barrel racing :slight_smile:

I should think that for barrel racing the Storm Cat is a definite plus.

However, given the pedigree, you might try jumping with her.

After this season of small shows and getting her patterned if she doesnt take to barrels well than I am definitely going to try jumping her :slight_smile:

If you haven’t had a chiropractor look at her, she may benefit from that treatment.

Thank you all very much for the insight! Here is a picture from this fall, she was 3 then and had only been off the track for two months.
I am currently training her for barrel racing :)[/QUOTE]

She is cute. She definitely favors her sire! Best of luck with her! :slight_smile:

How funny I clicked on this! My Grandfather bred Cat Country (co bred with his best friend).

Fappiano has been fantastic in the show ring and Storm Cats certainly are athletic. Carnivalay reminds me a lot physically of a good show horse sire we had called Northern Raja, who was a grandson of Northern Dancer. I think your mare has a good chance of being a very nice sport horse in terms of athletic ability. The Storm Cat/Mr Prospector cross makes me think great body, hot tempered, and most likely crooked. If she is relatively correct, sound, and sane I think you probably have a very nice show horse prospect.