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Ins and outs of Importing a horse

Not in the market for a new horse right now, but would really like to understand the ins and outs of importing a horse from Europe. Where do you go? What are the best stables to go to? On average how much does it cost? what shipping companies are the best/ which one did you use? Was the expense both time and money well worth it in the end? I’m just being curious and would like to know :slight_smile:

Only done it to CA Cost to fly horse over Holland - LAX Approximately 6500 Euros ( depending on current exchange rate somewhere around 8 - 9K including $2500 2 day import and quarantine fees ) If you import a mare or stallion you have to add add another $2500 for two week quarantine at UC Davis plus ground transport from stable in Holland to airport and from LAX airport to destination in CA. So plan on at least 10K in addition to purchase price.

Obviously Prices of horses vary widely depending on caliber, age & experience of horse 30 - 50K for excellent quality 6 years olds well started with lots of experience at 1.10m - 1.20m. All the way up to and above 500,000 Euros for GP horses.

Helps to really trust whom ever you are going to work with in Europe as it is definitely buyer beware. Would recommend you go with your trainer or someone highly recommended. We did this the first few times we went over until we had established a very good relationship,with one particular breeder in Holland. He does all the leg work and knows everyone. An American who has been in Holland about ten years.

In the end I feel it has always been worth it beautiful talented horses but again buyer beware

I brought my Hanoverian gelding over from Germany Dec 2010, so not sure how prices have changed since then. I used Guido Klatte, who was fantastic to work with, and they pretty much organized the trip door-to-door. My horse got all his pre-screen bloodwork done at his home stable. Then a few weeks later, he shipped up to Amersterdam (on a big rig w/ air ride). He stayed in the Netherlands for a day or two, then flew to NY. He was in quarantine for 3 days (longer CEM rqmts for mares/stallions where they have to transport under seal to an approved facility for a month or more), and then Guido Klatte arranged w/ a US partner shipping company to get my horse from NY to his new home in Ohio. End to end, cost about $10,000.

I bought several horses in Germany during the period I lived there and definitely got taken advantage of a few times. Some of the sellers weren’t scrupulous, and figured with a US, non-German speaking client, they could cut corners or mis-represent the horses. I learned that the hard way twice, but did have some very nice horses too. As a Hunter Princess, it was a challenge to find horses with the right aptitude and preparation to be good hunters, but there are many very nice horses with good bloodlines and good jumps if you know what you’re looking for and are knowlegeable enough to sift through all the others…

There are some amazing horses out in Europe, but the home-bred horses are getting better quality all the time, often from imported parents, and once you factor in import costs, you can likely find equally nice youngstock here at home for a bit less. Just my opinion.