Instagram Horse Classifieds?

Are there any Instagram pages dedicated to classifieds like the Facebook groups?

I haven’t had Facebook in years and miss the ‘horses for sale groups’.

I can not answer your actual question because I have never used Instagram but I can tell you that if you were still on Facebook you would still be missing the horse for sale groups because Facebook has shut most of them down.

It won’t work the same as the FB groups on Insta because you can’t post to any feed but your own, but the long-established dedicated sales sites such as (@)bigeq and (@)exchangehunterjumper (mine) and others all have feeds that we would love for you to follow :slight_smile:

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I have come across some used tack IG accounts monitored by a few people that you send info to them and they make a post for you. I thought there might be some for sales of actual horses also.

Is this just since they started ‘marketplace’?

I have no idea when Marketplace started but from what I understand it has to do with the rule about no selling live animals.
Horse for sale ads now get removed quite quickly.

Unrelated to Marketplace. They are taking down groups designed to market horses because FB has a broad rule against selling live animals. There are some exceptions. If you’re a brick and mortar enterprise you can market your enterprise on FB. So some people use that exception. Others just try to carefully write their ads around the FB algorythms.

I still see plenty of horse ads on FB from individual sellers, barns, and those killpen pages (I see about a trillion of those because of one person who constantly shares them.) For the most part, people have learned to write around the filters.

A lot have been taken down, but definitely not all. There are several groups that are still really active, and people have learned to write their ads in a way that doesn’t get them flagged. Group titles got changed to “for consideration” and similar things to avoid calling attention to it.