Instant gag/gag reins vs. traditional gag setup

How similar is the effect of an instant gag or gag reins? I only need to school in the gag like 1-2 times a week and these setups seem more convenient than switching everything out or setting up an entire second bridle. Looking at the Nunn Finer gag hanger or the Antares gag reins. Thanks!

In my experience, kind of a halfway between the gag itself and the setup without. Not quite the same effect as using the actual gag.

What I do is I use a “cheaper” bridle for my snaffle and then my show bridle with the gag bit is only used for jumping. I think it’s easier to choose which bridle than to add/take off an extra piece of equipment. Maybe a verdune gag?

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Agree here. I just have a loose ring bridle and a show bridle which has my gag on it. We only wear the gag for shows and coursework. Any smaller fences schooling or flatwork we do the loose ring because we don’t really NEED the gag. OP, you can find a pretty cheap bridle for less than $100 you can school in that may fit your needs just fine…

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I’ve used both.
I wanted some extra oomph to my current bit (a KK), without spending a significant amount on ordering a traditional gag in that mouthpiece. I already had rope gag cheeks, and had a suitable leather strap to use for the crown. The setup worked reasonably well for my temporary intended purpose. In the end, this horse moved to a rubber pelham, and then to a simple cherry roller snaffle.

I also have two traditional gags with ordinary mouthpieces (one a single joint, one with a lozenge). The traditional gag action is a little different than the instant gag-- instant gag only applies pressure to the lips and poll, squeezing the bit upward. The traditional gag rotates the mouthpiece downward as it lifts, applying pressure to the tongue and bars (moreso with a fixed cheek, like eggbutt or full cheek, than a loose ring gag, but even that will eventually rotate downward into the bars). If the upward action is all you need, the instant gag is fine. If you need that extra bar and tongue pressure, you are better off with a traditional gag.


There has been a relatively recent thread on this. Try a search.

Both Conrad H and Anne K, have used the “InstaGag” with good results. I am not familiar with gag reins.