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Integrating different flocks of ducks without bloodshed

  1. Just before shutting down for COVID, 2 adult Pekins 1m 1 f were brought into the shelter where I work. I took them home to the farmette to spare the animal care workers the poop cleaning in the shelter. Of course, kept them.
  2. The next year somebody brought in a duckling, I kept him separate till he was big enough to not get hurt, now he is with group 1. He’s a Pekin. Not sure really whether he or she though. Tail is not curled.
  3. Was at Tractor Supply last 4/30 with my granddaughter, Cayuga ducklings were 50% off, I got 3. They have their own play yard, and join the Pekins in a varmint-proof coop at night. Coop has a barrier down the middle, they can see each other but not hassle. 2 of these are drakes.
  4. Someone rescued a Cayuga/Pekin cross that was left behind by neighbors in a back yard, starving, not able to make a living as a stray. Now in my barn by itself, loving life, gaining weight. Would be happier with other ducks, I’m sure, but he can hear the chickens. Also not sure of gender.

One of the new Cayugas had a panic attack while I was cleaning and managed to fly or project himself across to the Pekin side and they attacked him. He’s fine, I got him back quickly where he belongs.

Anyway, I would really like to get all these darlings into ONE flock (and one trip for feeding/watering during the winter). How to do it?

Duck experts, your advice will be welcome. TIA.

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Drakes are very quiet with their quack, almost like they lost their voice. Hens are LOUD! All drakes will also have the curled tail feathers after 3-4 month of age. The ideal ratio is 1 drake to 4-6 hens. If you have more than that, the hens are likely to be harassed by the drakes. I would put a wire fence between them so they can interact, but not hurt each other. Once they are good with that, let them roam together, but sleep separate for a week or so. If it’s all going well, they you can probably lock them up together at night.

You can also keep any that don’t get along with the chickens. They’ll make some extra mess, but otherwise they should get along.

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From what I’m reading you have 3 males for sure, and possibly 5, out of 7 ducks?

The way to keep them all together harmoniously would be to add approximately 25 female ducks :laughing:

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh. But that many males are going to fight, especially since they’re all meeting as adults.


Love that idea! But I can’t.
I think I may end up having a girls’ section and a boys’ section. Need to simplify things before winter.


That should work. After all, you don’t really want to breed more ducks, do you?

Agreed. The girls never seem to brood the eggs but ducklings at this time of year would be not great.