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International Horse Transportation

I need to ship a Lipizzan from Croatia to Los Angeles. Do you know who can do this at a reasonable price and take excellent care of the horse?

Thank you!

A friend used Apollo Equine a few years ago and was delighted. They are based in LA.

Have fun with your new Lipp. They are scary intelligent.

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Thank you!

Congratulations on your new Lipizzaner ~ how exciting for you!

I imported my Lipizzaner gelding about a year ago from Vienna to Chicago, using IRT (https://www.irt.com/. ). I chose them for a combination of price, the fact that I could fly with my horse, their ability to fly my horse to Chicago in a shared container (although Chicago isn’t listed on their website as an airport they fly into, it is, and they do fly to LAX), since I’m 3 hours from O’Hare and didn’t want him to be trailered from New York, and because they could fly him out of Frankfort, which was a 7-8 trailer ride from Vienna, vs a much longer trailer ride to the Netherlands.

I was very pleased with their care and service. It was a terrific and unique experience to fly with my boy, the professional groom who flew with the horses was fantastic, and I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.

One of the other companies I contacted, which has a great reputation, said they’d fly me as the groom (!). While that was I guess nice of them to try to accommodate my desire to fly with my horse (groom seats can be limited on cargo flights, and I did end up paying for my seat), I had never flown with horses before (which they knew). I was surprised they’d be ok with my being the only groom on the flight, and after seeing everything IRT’s professional groom did, there’s no way I would have felt qualified being the sole person responsible for the health and safety of horses on board.

Where/from whom in Croatia are you getting your Lipizzan from?

Thank you. How much did it cost and what about quarantines. Mine’s a stallion so he has to be quarantined for 33 days in California!