International Transportation

If you have imported/ transported a horse via plane how much did you pay and what was the distance? Specifically UK to US

I am really interested in an Irish Draught but they are easier to find in the UK and I want to prepare for the financial responsibility if I were to purchase. Because I don’t currently own a horse I cannot request a qoute as they require the horses information.

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I will only use EquiJet going forward. And you absolutely can reach out and ask for a rough estimate. People do this all the time.

I imported two different horses, 9 months apart from the UK and they flew in and did Quarantine in New York.

I am in PA.



I have flown with horses numerous times with Dutta Corp. The cost will depend on what size slot in the horse box you select. Three can fit and like a trailer the dividers are adjustable. (plus the last time I flew with horses was 10 yrs ago my pricing is not current).

Personally, I would only ship with the three stall confiration (depending on the size of the horse) because they tend to lean during take off and landing if they are not used to traveling.

Just call Dutta and see. You know you would be flying out of a major airport in either GB or UK and into JFK.

They ask for the stable location because they also can arrange transport to the airport.

My guess, at least $5-7k to start.

Look up Julie Burns Richards Eventing. She was on the US team for eventing and imports Irish Sport horses. Fernhill horses. She may have something stateside.

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I just imported my horse from Germany and he flew out of Amsterdam and landed in Chicago. All in I spent about $12k. I saved a lot by being able to pick him up from quarantine myself and drive him directly home. I went with Dutta and Klatte (European partner) and this was just last month. I’m not sure that I’d go with Dutta again, tbh, but the horse arrived just fine.

I think it’s a little more pricey from the UK, because I know someone that recently flew their horse as well, and she spent a lot more than I did, but there were a few variables at play there. Especially with ground transport on the US side.

We both shipped geldings.

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I use Equijet. I haven’t imported from UK, but I’ve done one from Ireland and multiple from Eastern Europe, all into NYC. The cost has ranged from $8,400 - $11k, just depending on fuel prices and available airlift.

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I work in International Transportation & handle Customs clearances. Do a search for freight forwarders that handle live animals. DHL & Expeditors should definitely handle horses. I know that DHL handles a lot of zoo animals so it should be no problem. I’m sure there are many more.

As far as airlines, Lufthansa is the best for live animals but are probably going to be the most expensive for airfreight. KLM & Air France handle a lot of horses. Personally I’d stay away from British Airways. Although they should handle live animals better than freight, LHR is a black hole & freight gets stuck there all the time.

Just did it last week, with Horseflight. It was 12k door to door (gelding, single stall). If it’s in the Uk it will fly out of Amsterdam.

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I was initially thinking “figure it will add $10k to the price” so hearing that it’s now $12k makes sense… my brain has not yet recalibrated to all the recent increases. (Like cereal is $6/box ??!)

This blog post and the related ones may have some useful info, though she was importing from Ireland.

I priced importing from Ireland to the west coast almost 2 yrs ago and it was about $15k with transit to AMS, flight from AMS to LAX, then transit to the Bay Area.

Not necessarily—most fly out of Liege and sometimes Frankfurt.

Yes, sorry I should have been clearer. I meant, if it’s in the UK it will have to ship to the mainland to fly out.

Yep, and thanks to Brexit, it’s a lot more of a pain than it used to be.

Anyone have recent numbers on how much more to ship a mare than a gelding?

An acquaintance who is more in the know and just priced out importing a mare said about $4-5k more for a mare.

Unless they’re less than 2 years old. Then it’s basically the same as a gelding, IIRC. I have plans to import a PRE mare eventually, and will go for a yearling.

Correct, if a little high. The actual shipping cost is roughly the same, bar an extra $500 or so for swabs on the Euro side. You pay CEM quarantine, lab fees, etc., on U.S. soil—my last mare was $3,800 extra all in.

Still a good chunk of change, but not as expensive as I was anticipating. Thanks!

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