Is anyone breeding old style minis anymore???

[INDENT]So, I have been watching the for sale ads to see if anything pops up. These minis don’t look ANYTHING like my mini. My guy is 21 and a tank who has double the bone of minis I have seen, stocky and looks like a small shetland. When I say shetland, I mean the chubby little tanks we all knew growing up- NOT the “shetlands” that are bred today (that look more like little hackneys). I guess I like the old style mini that is stocky with good bone, a short back, and big butt. I am shocked at how crazy refined these minis are nowadays. It’s absolutely not my taste at all but to each their own! Where would I look to find an old style mini? Mini Horse Sales and Lil’ Beginnings seem to showcase the modern, ultra refined minis. I don’t see any in MHW either. Any ideas? Can the old style mini not win in anything anymore? What about performance? Can they, at least, be competitive in performance or not really? I guess there is always pleasure driving and CDE![/INDENT]

You don’t list your location @Sunny74 but the Midwest - NW IN - breeders of my mini have both the old type & the newer “mini-shettie” style.
My guy turns 5 at the end of this month & the way he approaches Cones tells me has a future in CDE.
I’ve shown him since he was 3, so just a single CT to measure against, but he BOOKED!

He also excels in trail drives - 10-12mi RT, he trots the whole way, keeping up with my fellow Drivers, even the Drafts.
His sire was the modern type, dam the older style & he takes after Mom.

If you are looking to buy & not too far, I can point you toward them.
I do know they show in TX and have some Champions to their credit.

When you say “performance” do you mean Breed shows? In-Hand? Or??

Not the best pic, but here he is (at not-quite 3) with my other 2 - 16H TWH & 52" Hackney:

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He’s handsome!!! Unfortunately, I am in the Northeast. :frowning:

I don’t know if you’re still looking for a more substantial mini, but a Maryland breeder has crossed shetlands with lighter minis to develop a stronger horse that moves well. I visited the farm recently and was impressed with what I saw.

Vahalla Farm

They are out there, just have to either check the CDE sale pages or know someone who has a lead on a stocky built type. That is how I found my new miniature. I have one who is 20 yrs. old and retired. I recently purchased a 34" mare that is old stock and is just 5 so we have a future planned. I had a shetland pony who was awesome but just didn’t have the stamina for the CDE stuff.

I just saw two in northern Illinois near Rockford. PM if interested. I have no connection to the guys selling them. I went with a friend who was looking. One was too green and she just didn’t click with the other. They looked like old time Shetlands to me.

This started in May, 2019. Not sure any additions now, will help the OP find a mini.