Is anyone familiar with Marcus Krehan saddle?

I have been gifted some older saddles this week and one is a Marcus Krehan saddle that despite being older is in amazingly good shape and while I will never fit into it myself, it looks SUPER comfy. I have done some searching and have come up short on any real current info about them, the models, etc. It has the makers plate on it, but no stamps or serial numbers that I can find. I am hoping to find a deserving kid to home it with, but would love some info on it if anyone has any!

Does anyone here have any experience with them?

I have one. Have had it for many years, and absolutely loved it. Deep seat with my thighs pointing almost straight down. It has a very close-contact feel. Really easy to keep myself in a great position with this one. Very pretty, two-toned saddle. Not as cushy as my Custom Saddlery one. I wish they still made them. The one I have was for my TB who is retired. It doesn’t fit my big warmbloods.

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They’re nice saddles.

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Used to have one but it stopped fitting so moved it along. Loved it. Great for backing my horse.

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I had one, loved it