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Is anyone taking Ozempic / Wegovy?

Looking for advice on how to manage side effects while still being able to ride effectively. Struggling with fatigue and heat intolerance more than anything else, and just feeling weak. Anyone else?

*no knowledge of but * wanted to make sure you are aware of the thread about such prescriptions on Current Events section - warning many posters a bit aggressive over there - but you may find someone who is experiencing the same side effects - and then contact them by pm = private messaging. just an idea/ hope you feel stronger soon.


Appreciate the suggestion, thank you!

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Just seeing this. You can PM if you’re still having issue. Went from Ozempic after 18 months to Mounjaro when insurance stopped paying for the other. If you hzve questions I be happy to answer.

I take Mounjaro and feel much better than Ozempic! Side affects are significantly less.

I take Ozempic. I’ve been on it for a bit over a year now. I take it for blood sugar control but also because there’s some evidence it protects islet cells. (Long story short I had mine auto transplanted in my liver after having my pancreas removed. I can’t produce new ones anymore so saving the ones I have is important.)

The side effects… absolutely awful, right?! How long have you been on it? It took me several months at the lowest dose to get up to where I needed to be. To help with the nausea I took compazine and Benadryl. When waves hit during the day I’d wave a rubbing alcohol pad in front of me. (Old anesthesia recovery trick.) It at least was distracting and helped slightly. Because of my medical situation I didn’t need to lose weight but I also was struggling to eat on it so I drank Boost type shakes. They also helped with my energy level.

The most insane advice I received when looking into curbing the side effects was to inject in the thigh and not the stomach. It makes zero scientific sense and seemed crazy but I figured I had nothing to lose. I swear it helped but who truly knows. Maybe that was just the week my body adjusted. I still inject in my thigh though.

The body temp…. I still struggle with that. So nothing helpful to offer there.

If you have any other questions I’m happy to share my experience!