Is it possible to collect a young stallion before gelding and get COP or any Approval?

Just purchased a new spectacular young stallion from Belgium. We are going to geld him due to the high cost and stress of stallion importing. I just don’t have the means for that right now. The horse has amazing bloodlines… I mean extraordinary… I am heartbroken to lose the genetics… He is BWP by Diamant de Semilly out of Pepperoni van’t Muelenhoff (Bambuko de Muze)

Is there any registry that would allow us to get a Cert of Pedigree on foals or anything if we collect him before gelding?

Can’t answer that question but wow, that’s a heartbreaker. I would love to see pics or video

I would think if you sent him through the testing and he passed ( In Europe). And you froze him before gelding and importing you could still register the foals. But I could be wrong. Present this scenario to the Belgian registry and see what they say about registering foals. Those are very impressive genetics!


You can get a certificate of pedigree on anything. For him to sire foals with full papers, he would have to complete the full licensing and approval process PRIOR to being gelded.


Yes unfortunatly the testing is right now. We just purchased him, and had not time to get him to the testing. I think we are going to collect and have the semen for ourselves. Too late for testing. It’s a shame but it’s the reality of what I can do right now. He’s very talented himself. He’s related to a horse I had several years ago.

I’m not Bill Gates, and the stress of bringing them in as a Stallion isn’t worth it for me.


I posted one. The video I will post as soon as the deal is finished, still in the process of bank transfers to Europe… my first time with that … it is taking time for processing etc… since I am not Bill Gates and a regular person… the banks put holds on everything going overseas.

I’m excited. He will be a great horse to bring along.

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How about a COTH syndicate??? :boom::boom::boom:


I just wonder why the owners did not send him through the testing. Did they not think he was stallion material? He looks pretty awesome jumping in that photo and he sure isn’t lacking in the genetics department either. There don’t look to be any weak links in that pedigree. Maybe you need a minority owner or syndicate.