Is it possible to find horse’s papers with approximate age and barn name? Any way to browse APHA photos?

Hi everyone! I’d love to find my horse’s papers. We got him in a rescue situation and he’s turned out to be incredible! I was told he was registered and has good bloodlines, but besides his previous barn name and age ( 9 to 11) I don’t know much else. He definitely has some training on him and is naturally amazing! We are so lucky, but I would love to learn more. Any thoughts?

Unfortunately think you will be out of luck…without more info (past registered owners name, suspected registered name, sire/dam info, etc) there isn’t a way to confirm the horses identity with APHA…they can only typically verify parentage with dna if they have a starting place, and aren’t able to identify an unknown horse by comparing against the entire database.

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Shoot! Thanks for the info. I know his barn name was Slick so I’m guessing he’s in that bloodline somewhere, but who knows? I’m just happy he’s such an awesome boy!

the only thing you can do is backtrack the horses history.

The rescue was told about the horses blood lines?
Where did they get the info? do they know the original breeder name or even just location? Even with a location like town or county, it would help mnarrow down your search. Tere is a lot you can do with facebook and other social platforms to find help in a county region state or within a discipline

That would be your best chance since many breeders take pictures of their horses and a Paint is likely to be fairly easy to ID with its body markings. You may not get the papers, but I think many breeders would like to know how their babies are getting on.

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