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Is it time to say goodbye?

Hoping someone can provide some quick input about my old man.

I just when down to tuck them all into their stalls for the night and noticed the old man (really old, 34) was acting funny. Listless, lethargic and occasionally flipping his lip up. Looks a little like he’s been heavily drugged or something.

Already called the vet, but he was in emergency surgery and said to call back in 30min.

In the meantime, wondering if anyone has seen these signs before in their old horses. Could it be time? He’s been putting on weight this past month, and looks way better than he did a month ago when he started dropping weight pretty quickly, but the vet said that he thought it would be at least 2-3 months before we’d really have to start thinking about putting him down.

Any thoughts? Does this need immediate action?

Sounds like colic. I wouldn’t panic, but keep in touch with your vet, and ask if dose of Banamine might be appropriate, if he can’t come out right now. In the mean time, try to encourage the horse to drink, and monitor his manure output (quantity and consistency).
Good luck!!

Yeah, I thought of colic too but there aren’t any signs other than the lip flipping and listlessness. No biting at the stomach, no trying to roll, etc. Just standing there.

I feel so helpless right now!

Really, it sounds like colic. They don’t all act the same. The fact that he isn’t violent is very good. Often times gas colics act like this (sometimes impactions look like this, too). The horse looks like “Ugghhhhhhhh, I don’t feel so goooooood”. I have one that does this periodically, especially after a weather change. He just stands in his stall and won’t eat, which is a huge tell because otherwise he is a piggie.
Taking his temperature would also be a good idea, but the lip flipping and malaise sounds like colic.

Edit: you aren’t helpless :). Talk to your vet to see if you can try Banamine (if you have some). You can also try a little light handwalking in case it is gas, but don’t wear him out. Withhold food until you are sure that there is no obstruction. Grooming can also help stimulate gas to move along and often is soothing, so you can hang out with him and give him a brushing while you wait for vet info. Take note of his vitals so you can relay them to the vet, and take note of his manure, how much water he has been drinking, etc.

Hmm yeah. I’ll go back down and take his vitals. That’s pretty much how I’d describe it though…“Uggghhhh, I don’t feel very good.”

Just a little extra worried since he’s so old and the vet said his kidneys weren’t in very good shape.

The oldies are tough, I know :frowning:
The kidney issue is something to remind your vet of if you ask about Banamine. It is often contraindicated. Sometimes the risk is worth it, or the vet can try a different medication that is easier on the kidneys if he feels it’s appropriate.

Unless contraindicated…I go with Banamine BEFORE they escalate to a full colic. Sometimes the stress of “I don’t feel so good” will push them into a full colic.

Every time my oldie does this it’s been colic…,its always his tell tale sign…,I don’t feel good

TFF, just checking in to see how your night was. Hoping for a good update…

My guy has had mainly mild colics (he’s 28) but his tell-tale symptom is definitely the lip flipping thing.

Lift his back feet; that’ll sometimes get them to fart. Walk him up and down a hill if you can. Do a belly lift.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Sounds like he’s colicky