Is it worth getting in touch with trainer about

There is a filly that caught my eye that I have been following. Is it worthwhile to get in touch with the trainer to express my interest in retiring her into a 2nd career when she is done racing? Is there a “proper” way to do this or is it just wishful thinking?

I have done this several times. I have called the track before to get trainer’s number (sometimes they give it out, sometimes they don’t), and have also looked for them on social media and contacted them through this. I have bought a few off the track this way. Good luck!

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Yes. You might get lucky IF she has little or no broodmare potential. If she is not enjoying a stellar race career, she will be available at some point. If she is having difficulty breaking her maiden, or running at a lower claiming price, or running poorly at a lower claiming price, even more likely. Good luck.

Find the trainer’s name in the race program. If you can not gain access to the backstretch, you can try paging the trainer to the gate, or asking the gate guard if this trainer may be on the grounds and\or available. Personal contact rather than the phone or social media would show that you are more serious. If you can get access to the backstretch, have friends who work there, ask how to best approach this subject regarding this horse. Having personal contact with racetrackers is very valuable if you like to purchase ottbs for retraining. It used to be the “normal” way of doing things like this.

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