Is muting the same as ignore

Sorry I’m probably too thin skinned, if I mute a poster is that the same as ignore?

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I don’t know the answer, but there are a couple of posters who are a little too abrasive for me. I’m using ignore but am interested in seeing the answer to your question.

Sorry you are having problems. Hang in there. The vast majority here are super people. :kissing_heart:

Muting suppresses notifications and PMs by a user. Ignore also hides their posts, though you can choose to unhide them.

So Muting would be helpful if you want to avoid having someone contact you directly, or don’t want to see if they’ve tagged you, etc. Ignore is more comprehensive if you can’t stand to read their comments.

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You can also choose to Mute a category. For example, if Current Events is too tempting yet irritating for you to engage in, you can Mute that whole forum, so you’re not sucked into controversial topics.


What fun is that? :thinking: :rofl:

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Good god totally kept forget to respond to this. No I’m not having a hard time. I just was curious about the difference and was wondering if I could make a personalized news feed like Reddit. I’ve quickly discovered this site is too small for that. Thanks for the explanation. Just trying to find my way around.