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is there a comparable feed??

So going to be moving my horse and currently he is on Nutrena Proforce Fiber (5 quarts/day). He seems fine on it, I’m not overly ecstatic about it, would like to see him a bit shinier and putting on bit more muscle, but besides that, I am content. Content-wise, it has pretty good levels in terms of protein, fiber, and fat. The downside is that once I move, the area I will be in hardly carries the feed. I have been looking online for a comparable option that I might be able to find more easily, but can’t really pinpoint anything so I am turning to you folks for an opinion? Any ideas for me?

Muenster Milestone Athlete is a 12% fat and protein.

Where are you moving? It will be easier for people in that area to respond with appropriate feeds. No use suggesting a bunch of stuff for you you won’t be able to find there!

I love Triple Crown Senior and use it for horses that get that amount of feed. I use a ration balancer for horses getting fed less. You need to feed 5-6 lbs a day of TC Senior to feed a balanced diet. I sometimes use part of each if I have a horse somewhere in the middle. I use it for everything, not just Seniors. Its low NSC keeps the young TBs from being too spicy while staying in beautiful condition and weight.

Horse will be in Capital District region in NY (Albany/Ballston Spa area)

Poulin is up in that general area and has good feeds. The Fiber Max might be similar enough.

I agree TC Sr is a great feed for a large variety of horses.