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Is there such a thing as a clear fly mask?

Hey everybody! Just moved to Georgia; had heard the bugs were bad, and they were right! I have a spooky horse but the easy rider fly mask seems to make him even more jumpy. I THINK??? it’s because he feels it restricts his view. So, I was wondering if there exist any fly masks that have a clear plastic “window”? Thanks!:slight_smile:

I don’t know of any with a clear “window” but have recently purchased a couple of Shire’s fly masks that are fairly sheer lightweight black mesh. Found them in the Jeffers catalog (or go to Jeffers Equine.com it is item SEP-BH) - one of my guys has only one eye and it has a cataract so I feel that sheer mask is essential for him. Another plus is that the material used in this mask helps keep gnats out. Hope this helps.

Just realized that you are looking for a mask to use while riding - sorry for the previous reply. Have you tried the fly bonnets that have dangling strings near the eyes? He might take better to that, as long as he doesn’t mind having his ears covered.

Not a fly mask per say, but that’s the first thing I thought of. They have it in full clear (no view obstruction) You could add an ear bonnet to protect his ears

Hey! What was the product you were referring to? I like the part about the no obstruction of his view. I already have him wear a bonnet which I spray inside and out with fly spray; and put Swat on his nose but he still got bitten twice with large horse flies that I didn’t see. Lots of head tossing and I want to help him enjoy the trail more which will then allow me to also enjoy it more! Thanks!

Hey! What was the product you were referring to? [/QUOTE]
Alibi’s post is a link. Just hit it.

Thanks anyway! Already use bonnet but looking for even more coverage - basically a fly mask with ears; with nose coverage flap; BUT with some way that allows him the best, clearest view of all those lions and tigers and bears out there!

What about something like this?


To add, as a fellow Georgian: Go to the camping section of Wal-Mart and get their high-percentage DEET bug spray. Use it generously to keep away greenheads, horse flies and deer flies. For the face, I spray it on my hand and wipe.

I bet you could order a custom bonnet like you want from: Ear Me Now.

Without ears, in colors: http://www.horze.com/fly-sheets%2Fmasks/horze-fly-veil/22834.html

Without ears: http://www.horze.com/fly-sheets%2Fmasks/horze-simple-fly-veil/22837.html

With ears: http://www.horze.com/fly-sheets%2Fmasks/horze-fringe-mesh-fly-bonnet/22828.html

I told you so!:lol: did you get Luis to help you with your horse? And are you boarding in Methingham County out by the swamp? You need lots of bug spray and lots of shelter, inside, for your horse. None of that “natural, let your horse live outdoors 24/7” stuff works here.

Try one of the horse racing hoods for riding. Buy one with the plexiglass eye covers. And spray your horse with fly spray every day. Including putting it around the eyes and from nose to ears to hooves to tail. I grew up here. I know bugs and horses since I was a small child.

Cashel have a neat one called a Quiet Ride;


(One for Odie too.)

The Horze fly net is not worth the postage. The construction is flimsy -it will be off in a minute and the other horses are going to play with the tassles until they go away. I bought two, tried one, and didn’t even take the second one out of the packaging.