Is this a good way to spend $500?!?!

I am considering buying a second hand (worn 10 times) pair of Ariat Quantum Crowne Pro Field Tall boots for $500. I think they retail around $700?

Is this a good buy?

Appreciate your input :slight_smile:

Not in my view. You can spend just a little more and get a brand new pair of Monacos right now.

You can buy them new everywhere for $600 so use that as your starting point. You can also get Monacos on sale now for around $600.

Sorry, I just realised that I have written this in Australian $$$ (I’m australian). So this would actually be around $600 new and $400 second hand in the US.

Do they fit you perfectly? If you were to buy new boots, is there anything you would want that is different in height, leg or foot?

Compromising for the sake of a “deal” is never a “deal”.

It doesn’t sound like a good enough deal to me, personally. I tried them on they are a decent model but there’s a lot of other nice stuff out there for the money. If they fit you perfectly like they are made for you, then go for it, but if they fit “okay” I think you could spend your money a lot better.

Meh I wouldn’t… For me when it comes to tall boots I either go cheap or go big :stuck_out_tongue: I have a pair of Treadstones that cost me around 400 brand new and they are still going strong about 8 years later. My next pair is going to be Parlantis which are around the 1000 mark … but I will always love my Treadstones

The Quantum line is being discontinued. They should thus be available at significant discount (new) fairly soon.