Is this a stone bruise?

Last night when I turned my mare out it looked like she stepped on something and then jerked her leg up. I walked in the pasture and brought her back out to check. I didn’t see any signs of puncture or any other abrasions on her hoof or leg. After about 30 minutes she was walking fine and putting pressure back on the hoof so I turned her back out. This morning when I brought her back in I noticed she was limping slightly and looked like she didn’t want to put pressure on that hoof. Could this be a stone bruise? I soaked it in warm water, but are there any other treatment methods I should try?

Thanks in advance!

Look again for any puncture wounds in the sole, frog, heels area. It can be tiny.

If you have an hoof tester, use it. The fact that you saw her jerk her leg up means something hurt her.

Epsom salt soaking, poultice wrap, and any other treatment that you would usually use for abscess should be good.

If the problem is not cleared in a day or so, call your vet. She might have twist her ankle or something else.

I just went through a stone bruise (actually an ice lump bruise) in December. It was clearly a bruise in her heel from how she was stepping, and my farrier confirmed when she checked her. For an abscess, I would soak, as you are trying to draw the pus out of the hoof. But I didn’t soak for the bruise, as first it was really cold out, and second I didn’t really want to soften the foot. It took a month to completely heal up.

If it is not better tomorrow, Monday I would call the farrier, or vet, out to examine the hoof.

Is this horse current on it’s Tetanus Vaccination?

I looked for puncture marks when it happened but I will look closer. She is up to date on her Tetanus vaccine.

Or she could have had an abscess brewing that she felt that one time she put her foot down. It organized better overnight and now is constantly paining her.

a stone bruise will continue to be sore. ( just like any bruise if you had to walk on it)

Stone bruises come on rapidly, sometimes, as you saw, instantly, cold soaking is the best thing as for an incipient bruise. However they gradually improve sometimes being quite lame for several days. abscesses, usually start quietly, and then intensify.

All horse owners should own and learn to use hoof testers. They are simple to use, and very useful. They can localize the site of the problem. Having done that, a very light paring of the sole could show a puncture with a reddened or black spot. Bruises sometimes do or do not show.

If the lameness does not intensify, I would suspect a bruise. Give it a day or two, unless swelling develops or something becomes obvious.

Thanks for all the help. I have been soaking in cold water and it is slowly getting better. She is now only foot sore if she walks on hard ground(there are rocks going into her pasture to keep it from getting muddy).