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Is this trailer too heavy?

Hey @fivestrideline! I have the 722 ST BP - this is the straight load bumper pull that has the door to the smaller dressing room on the nose, rather than flat on the side, right next to the horse compartment door. The 3020lbs is the weight of the empty trailer. The “DR weight” on my spreadsheet is the combined weight of water, hay, feed, tack, and trunks. :slight_smile: Hope that makes sense!

Here’s the layout of my trailer (photo):

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Ah thanks so so much! The trailer I was comparing has the bigger dressing room - I’ll account for that. Your little spreadsheet has really helped me a ton!

The last time a topic like this came up, I went out to the Ford web site. They have a towing capacity calculator. I have a hawk that is 3600 lbs empty. I put all of my information in and Ford came back and said the truck models they recommended where either a F-250 or F-350. No 150’s in site. So if the manufacturer says its not good, maybe that should tell you something.

As I have posted many times before, it doesn’t matter that you are only going to trailer for an hour. It doesn’t make the set-up any safer.


Totally aware of towing capacity and things like that.

I know exactly what I can haul with this one - the exact towing rating, a buffer for live weight. I know the engine, wheelbase, gear ratio, towing package, the upgraded transmission cooler, tires, and suspension (beyond the factory - we know cause we did it). I know the payload capacity and the weight of my cargo - one horse, hay/feed for a weekend max, a few gallons of water, and h/j tack - one saddle and gear.

Not arguing that one shouldn’t err on the side of more truck, but I do want to defend a researched and educated choice to match an appropriate trailer and truck to the needs of the user.