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ISO 2001 ISR mare Jasmin by Jasprin that disappeared from SC.

In search of Jasmin, 2001 ISR registered, Oldenburg NA approved mare by Jasprin and out of Costa Lada. Her barn name is Pickles and she’s 16h, solid bay with a hint of a star, a prophet’s thumb on the right side of her neck, and a ruptured muscle on the underside of the right side of her neck. I sold her in December 2014 and found out about a year ago that she was in in jeopardy, then she disappeared and I haven’t been able to track her down since. Her last known location was in South Carolina but I believe she also spent time in Georgia. She’s the first foal I ever bred and I’d really like to find her.

Cricket .jpg

Have you found her yet? I hope you do.

Have you found her yet?