ISO a horse near mi/oh/on

hi everyone, I’m new to the forum. I’m not really sure of what I’m doing or where to post this so any help is appreciated. I have been riding for almost the past 3 years and I’m looking to purchase a horse in the near future, so I’m looking for sale barns that often sell horses that meet my criteria. I’m looking for something safe to do low hunters with. My budget is $6k but there is wiggle room for the right horse. I’m 5’11 so I do need a taller horse. I’m looking in the Ontario/Michigan/Ohio/new York area but I’m willing to travel further for the right horse. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this, even tho I’ve just started looking it’s a little overwhelming.

I hope you’re open to thoroughbreds and other non-warmblood breeds?

Gelding/mare…age requesting…shoes or goes good barefoot…easy keeper or dont mind higher maintenance ie can do pasture board or a stall? Do you mind if they need training rides or do you want tk do it on your own during lessons? All these will affect your budget and or what u want and also help narrow down options to weed out ines that wouldnt work for you, your lifestyle or budget for care after purchase…:slight_smile: t That being said back in like 93 i bought my mare off a camp for 1500, i was 7 she didnt get training rides,only me riding her in lessons or free riding was a total ‘mare’ but was fine barefoot n i made it to 4ft jumpers w her n had her till this past may (im 34 now) it all just depends on budget and the work u want to put in. Happy horse shopping op!!!

OP, if you are in lessons, ask your coach for direction here. If you are not in lessons find a coach before you buy a horse. Hunters is not typically a discipline that people usually go DIY especially not beginners.

There are a number of criteria in a hunter including gait, stride, conformation, as well as jump. If you are just getting started you need expert guidance here.

I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding a horse but a 6k budget will either offer an older horse that’s been around and can only do the lower heights or a young prospect that will need to be brought along with the help of a trainer (or by yourself if you feel up to it)

Sites like Bigeq, proequest, and warmbloodsales (not exclusive to warmbloods) are good. You can also search horses within your zone rather than doing individual searches in different states :slight_smile:
Facebook groups are worth a look at too.

Just a reminder to our new user that we don’t allow specific “horse wanted” posts on the site, though you’re welcome to ask for general tips on finding the right horse or general recommendations of sales barns in your area.