ISO affordable stable in Great Falls, VA

Hello, I’m getting back into riding after many years and am looking for an affordable stable near Alexandria/Springfield, VA. Great Falls area with access to the National Park would be great. I’m thinking of getting a draft cross / large warmblood with the goal of baby eventing (as I’m 62) and trail riding. Would be nice if there was a friendly barn community. Any recommendations? I’ve also heard that Upper Marlboro, MD is close to Alexandria and would consider that as a backup, as long as they have access to good trails. An indoor ring would be a plus for winter but I know that raises the price. Thank you.

Stick to Upper Marlboro. There are so many great parks - Rosaryville State Park, Creeksville, etc. and the cost is much more affordable. Rosaryville is over 300 acres and has tons and tons of trails and cross country jumps, water features, etc. Really nice place.

Great Falls is unbelievably expensive and there are only two places with indoor arenas that only occasionally take boarders: Southdown and Stoneridge. May I ask, what is your budget for boarding? That might help narrow a few farms down, perhaps even some in GF.

Thanks. Want to keep it under $400/month. I’ll start doing some weekend recon trips!

I can point you to a great h/j barn in UM with an indoor, great pasture/turnout, boarders who have been there for years, trails and a river within riding distance, etc., and if you’re not interested the trainer can probably point you to a more eventing type place. PM me if you’d like.

You might run a search - this topic gets raised every couple of months. The short answer is (1) Great Falls will likely be very expensive and limited options; (2) Try the Equiry or the tack shops to seek out small backyard type barns rather than bigger operations; (3) Commute will be terrible, particularly if you’re trying to get out during rush hour; (4) MD may have better options/commute.