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ISO: Best Breeding Programs in North America!

Hi there! Looking to send my mare to get bred. An outside investor is involved and wants to fund my mare to have a foal… details are pretty private, but I’m wondering what you favorite breeding programs are in your area. Looking for Hunter/Jumper type breeding programs, please include the state/province!

I currently know of:
Wild Turkey Farm (Oregon)
Dreamscape Farm (British Columbia)
Red Field Farms (Wellington)
Wachter SportHorses (Alberta)

  • Hyperion Stud (Virginia)
  • Manuel Show Stables (New Jersey)
  • Valleyfield Farm (Alberta)
  • EurEquine (California)
  • Ashcombe Sporthorses (Pennsylvania)
  • Sonnenberg Farm (Oregon)
  • Lio Lomas Dutch Warmbloods (California)
  • DG Bar Ranch (California)
  • Kimberlee Farms (California)
  • Crooked Post Farm (Kansas)
  • Leith Warmbloods (Alberta)
  • Haralson Farm (Georgia)
  • Mountain View Sport Horses (California)

The location isn’t really important, since almost all of these breedings are exclusively done via AI.

Choose the best stallion available that fits with your mare’s pedigree and have that investor fed ex the nearest repro clinic some semen.


I read this as saying mare owner wants to send her off not so much to be bred but to go thr pregnancy and foaling etc So location might matter.

SpyCoast in Lexington, KY. Just down the road from two of the best vet clinics in the world. Excellent repro vets. I have no idea if Spy Coast boards outside mares, but I’d send any broodmare to central KY.

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Iron Spring Farm (Coatsville PA)
Blue Chip Sport Horses (New York)

I’m not sure if Iron Spring Farm take in outside mares other then for breeding to their own stallions though. I have spoke to Blue Chip Sport Horses a few times, they seem to be doing really interesting breeding stuff, clones, embryo transfers, and ICSI breeding. Last I talked to them you can take mares there for breeding.

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Shooting Star Farm

There are a lot of fancy breeding facilities, but if I had a mare that I really truly wanted bred and cared for all the way to foaling, I would send her to Avalon Equine. http://www.avalon-equine.com/ They are the gold standard of knowledgeable equine reproduction.


Hilltop offers mare management: http://www.hilltopfarminc.com/mare-management/
(they are in Maryland)

It’s hard to beat the Hilltop program.

I’ll throw out Bridlewood Hanoverians, but many of their stallions are more dressage focused.

Hilltop! I toured their mare pastures. Top notch fencing, shelters and caretakers. Plus they can start the babies on site.

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Tish Quirk in San Diego. Proven hunter stallions, mare care, foaling, exceptional handling of young horses.

Hilltop is booked for 2020.