ISO Beval Devon or LTD 2 16" saddle

My daughter has outgrown her 15" wide tree Beval Junior saddle, but loves it. So I’m looking for the next size up- 16"- which happens to be a Devon model (which Beval told me is no longer made) or the Ltd 2, which I was told is very similar to the Devon (with padded knee flaps). If anyone has any leads, please let me know.

I just sold my daughter’s Beval Devon through They do have another Devon for sale. it is through Beval so you can try it for a week. Good luck!

Thanks Limerick, just called them today about their selection. They only have 16.5" ones right now, but that’s where I bought my 15" from :-).

DenMar, the Beval Devon’s are stamped 16 but measure 16.5. You won’t be able to find a true 16 Devon but I doubt you will notice the extra 1/2 inch.

That makes sense. When they measured the Beval Ltd saddles they had at Beval, the 16.5" measured more like a 17".

The older Bevals only came in whole sizes and always measured a half size up. (Beval makes actual half sizes now.) However Facebook groups are a good place to find older Bevals for cheap or Ebay. I’d try Facebook group English Saddles For Sale.

Another great Facebook group is Just ponies Kids and Pony Equipment. If you want to PM me your name OP, I can add you. I do see Beval Juniors and Devon’s for sale there at fair prices. I bought two of mine off there.