ISO board for semi-retired horse near Alpharetta, GA

Hi all, I have just relocated to the greater Atlanta area and will be looking to move my horse up from S. Florida in the next month or so. He is a 28 year old Irish sport horse. He has spent his entire life in a program - jumped Grand Prix and did dressage. He only goes out an hour or so a day and is ridden ~3-4x a week right now. Doesn’t do too well in turnout - runs, gets worked up, has to come in. I am now looking for a nice place where I can put him - think more semi retirement, so he may need to learn how to be a horse and chill out in the field! Maybe with some land and friends he will do ok.

Does anyone know of a good, causal (not show) barn in the Alpharetta and surrounding areas? I will likely only be able to visit 2x week so comfortable paying for someone to help with the care. I no longer want to pay $1500/month for board as I’m not actively training and showing, so something in the 500-ish range would be ideal, where I can visit him 2x or so a week. Would like him to have a stall.

Thanks for your help!

You might want to edit your title to say you are looking for board for your horse… Reads as if you are looking for a horse like yours… :slight_smile:

If you’re on Facebook, try our Group:

Pull your post up, hit edit on the bottom margin, select “go advanced” and change your title, I skipped this post a couple of times since don’t know of any semi retired horses in that area that might be former heart horses you are trying to find or a safe oldster to buy as a husband or guest horse.

Just takes a couple of minutes to change the title to add “Looking for place to board”…just be sure to hit “go advanced” to change titles, can’t do it on regular edit.

Join the Georgia COTH facebook page and share your request.

This is the kind of place I think you will find by word of mouth or perhaps looking at the small ads that people with private barns put on the bulletin boards of tack and feed stores. (Locally in the Alpharetta area you can ask at Atlanta Saddlery and Dover, which both have boards/books listing ads) or at The Snooty Fox which is a very nice consignment tack shop in town. Welcome to the area~

Thank you all! I have updated the title, oops :wink:

Good girl. I always had good luck with tack store bulletin boards looking for more basic services and would bet FB groups will serve the same purpose. A private situation might be just the thing for you as opposed to a commercial boarding barn…unless you like the social aspect. Give that some thought.